Re-Li-On-Us Ambulette/Stretcher/Gurney Transfers

Relionus Mobility NZ

For individual customers we:

  • Provide friendly drivers
  • Offer easy payment methods
  • Ensure you go exactly where you need to go

For Healthcare providers we:

  • Provide prompt and timely hospital discharge
  • Provide specialised vehicles with wheelchair, lifts, stretcher etc.
  • Assist with amy medical related travel for residents

For Rest and Retirement homes we:

  • Provide a same day service
  • Ensure that the resident is accompanied to the clinic/ward
  • Provide mobility equipped transport for outings/occasions

Non Emergency Ambulance Services

Ambulance Stretcher Transfers:

RELIONUS can accommodate your transport needs. If you are unable to be
transported in a wheelchair, we can transport you in an ambulance stretcher.

Full Hospital Bed Transfers:

RELIONUS can also transport full hospital beds with medical
equipment. We can transport a patient lying in a full hospital bed with
any medical equipment, along with any accompanying caregivers.

  • We guarantee prompt, on time service for each and every transfer
    job. We are never late!
  • Each transfer job is performed by TWO RE-LI-ON-US staff members
    to ensure the utmost safety and smoothest transport possible.
  • We take the patients to their appointment and assist them getting
    right into the doctor, treatment facility or hospital ward.
  • We remain on standby for clients having short appointments, so
    there is no waiting for the return.
  • For clients with longer appointments, we remain in the area and wait
    for the clients call for return.
  • RE-LI-ON-US Non Emergency Services is cheaper and more reliable
    than other organisations in the marketplace.